Waxwing Magazine

📎 Responsive Design, Typography, Personal Projects


Waxwing Magazine is a personal project I’ve been volunteering my time for, and it’s very dear to my heart.

Waxwing is a quarterly online literary magazine featuring poetry (included translated works), prose, music, artwork and reviews. It is well-regarded in the literature community for the quality of its editing, its emphasis on diverse voices, and its design.

I was asked to develop the Waxwing brand, design the site, and oversee its development. Attention to typographic detail (across multiple languages) and responsive interface design create a spacious pleasurable reading experience on any device.


Although it is an online magazine, Waxwing branding was created with a physical component in mind: Waxwing editors use a custom-designed wax seal when sending physical correspondence or publishing chapbooks.

The Waxwing W monogram can also be read as a bird’s wing.


International Language Support

Waxwing is intentional to celebrate diverse voices in its literature and poetry; each issue features translated works from around the world. The site was designed to display works beautifully in any language — including right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.


Original Sketch

Sometimes an early sketch captures the spirit of a thing. The feather logo and ‘single sheet of paper’ concept survived through to the final.